district heating

The public heating system in Denmark has the potential to contribute significantly to the ambitious climate goals. At House of Energy, we focus on the environmental benefits of a better utilization of the excess heat from industry and production companies and the application of renewable energy sources.

A well-designed district heating system is able to store and distribute renewable energy when it is available. Fossil energy sources are simultaneously being phased out while renewable energy is introduced.

Our member companies are word leading in the areas of district heating pipes, pumps, biomass, plants, solar heating systems, software development and consultancy service within the area of district heating, additionally the members include 60 utility companies

Production and service companies



The production and service companies covers all aspect of the district heating supply chain from production, transmission and distribution to service and bulding installations including metering systems




The utility companies modifes and improves district heating, and they experiences with operating all the Danish district heating systems of different sizes and types based on different heat sources

Knowledge and educational institusions



The Danish research institutions and universities have gained world leading academic knowledge within district heating systems, components, heating production and system integration. In House of Energy we work closely together with the institutions and universites to gain common knowledge and strive for improvement

Consultans and advisors


consultans and advisors

Our consultans and advisors are highly experienced within the district heating sector and focus on energy planning, energy production, energy efficency ect.


Hanne Skovby

Project Director, District Heating