The Intergrated
energy system

In the future, the supply of electricity, heating, gas and water, as well as engine capacity for the transport sector, must be joined in effective, intelligent and integrated solutions utilising the energy optimally. The general energy supply is increasingly made up of sustainable, fluctuating energy sources such as solar and wind power. that challanges the energy system in terms of maintaining energy security and securing stability. As sun and wind power are not constant, the need for flexibility, energy storage and energy conversion options increases.

An important part of the future energy systems is the relationship between people and energy. Our actions impact our energy consumption, which in turn changes through the introduction of new technologies. We should utilise sustainable energy when available, and a sustainable future calls for the development of smart energy systems, where production matches consumption.

The gas grid will play an important role in the intergrated energy system of the future- partly because biogas increasingly will replace natural gas, and partly due to the fact that the gas grid has capacity to store large amounts of energy that can be converted into electricity or heat when needed. The same goes for the district heating system, which too is of critical importance to energy storage and the use of electricity to power heat pumps.

The energy system can benefit from being digitalised based on technologies and principles such as smart cities, artificial, intelligence, machine learning, big data and the internet of Things. The mounting of sensors and digital meters is in progress and data represent a valuable foundation for the future work with an intelligent and flexible supply sector.

Members witch focus on the intergrated energy system

As a triple helix cluster House of Energy has members within the intergrated energy system on three different levels: the private sector, knowledge and education institutions, and municipalities. In the intergrated energy system and across disciplines we create collaborations between these domains were we strive to develope knowledge and increase members growth



Preben Birr-Pedersen

Cluster Manager